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About us

Benjamin Galian

Benjamin gained experience in various facets of his profession as an artist. He developed as dancer, teacher, created and directed his own tango company. He worked in different cities of the world, and was based the last years in United Kingdom.

He entered  the dance world dancing folklore and contemporary dance. Then tango came into his life and many years of classes, milongas and performances followed. 

He work in several tango companies in BsAs, with some of the most recognized choreographers, were he had the opportunity to train for stage tango with great masters.

He trained in several schools, developing his social tango with different dance techniques and teaching methods. At the same time he also took many classes with old Milongueros teachers who transmitted  him the very essence of tango and its culture.

His tango life was always complemented by the study and analysis of movement. He studied contemporary dance and participated in many contemporary dance performance, as well as dance productions for the opera.

He has knowledge of different body perception techniques and somatic education such as Feldenkrais, Eutonia,  studies and practices in postural re-education global physiotherapy (RPG).

All this knowledge helps him to build a teaching method that begins by understanding the body by connecting the mind to every part of it and take you on a journey to lear the beautiful and passionate dance that is tango. 

He works a lot on the Individual connection, (that is to say in yourself) and the connection on the couple. He prioritizes comfort and freedom of the body. 

Violeta Haas

Violeta studied Argentinien Tango one year at the University of Arts in Buenos Aires. She continued her dance studies with a three-year-contemporary dance education in Berlin. As a dancer and choreographer she creates her own pieces and presents them on different stages.

As a teacher she works for different dance schools and the university of Potsdam and Berlin and organizes her own workshops.

In the last years she put her focus on the feminine dance style „High Heels“ and started teaching and performing in 2024.

She dances Argentinien Tango since 2014 and works together with Benjamin since November 2021.

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