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Group Classes and Private Classes

It is a pleasure to us to invite you to our regular tango classes and workshops!
, practicing and dancing for fun can contribute to your well-being. Over time it can increase your energy level, it can free your mind from daily stress and you possibly feel more calm during other daily responsibilities.
Besides training physical skills, you also keep your brain active while dancing and in our tango classes you can meet a lot of nice people!

We hold our classes with humor, a lot of patience and a good eye for details!

Join us any time for a trial lesson!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Every Friday

Beginners and Advanced 

18:45hr & 20hr

(only with prior registration)

VHS Mitte

Linienstrasse 162

10115 Berlin

vhs classes.JPG

Groupclasses in VHS - Mitte


Groupclasses in Potsdam

Every Wednesday


19:00 - 20:15


20:30 - 21:45 

AWO Begegnungsstätte

Hans-Marchwitza-Ring 1

14473 Potsdam

Argentine folklore - Workshop


Argentine folklore is a cultural expression that reflects the traditions, customs, music, dance and beliefs of the Argentine people. Folk dance is not just about moving the body, but also about expressing emotions and telling stories through dance. Every step and movement has cultural and symbolic meaning, making folklore a powerful and meaningful form of artistic expression. Practicing folklore is a great way to stay active, as it can be danced by people of all ages. It involves coordinated body movements and rhythm management. In addition to improving strength, flexibility and balance, folkloric dancing can also be a fun and stimulating way to stay active and energized, as the energetic movements and upbeat tunes invite you to move with passion and enthusiasm. We invite you to this Argentine Folklore workshop, where you can experience a wide range of sensations and emotions, from energy and vitality to joy, drama and a lot of passion. It is an exciting and enriching experience that invites you to immerse yourself in a new and fascinating cultural experience.


Registration here


Private Classes

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Workshop - Frankfurt oder

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Workshop - Frankfurt oder









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