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Inspiration Tango

Tango is not just a dance, also a wonderful art over the floor. Each sequence is a great design that you make with your feet, like a paint  between two person. Therefore, it requires good lessons with experienced teachers to help you to master the technic, a lot of motivation and above all practice!

We have developed a course program for Tango, Vals, Milonga and folklore Argentino that focuses on technical, musical and stylistic content. This year, we also introduced two new concepts to develops your learnings in this weekend: Cafe Tango & Practica Guiada.

Cafe Tango: To the traditional German coffee and cake, we add an open dance floor with playlist of Tango to practice your steps or just to enjoy and socialize. A free time to your measure of practice and rhythm.

Practica Guiada: The Practica Guiada takes place at the end of the weekend and is a three-hour practice period. It is called "Guiada" (guided) because content that we have developed in the workshops is repeated and the teacher can be asked questions again. In this way, we want to support your learning process more effectively. 

On Friday you can enjoy the traditional milonga of "Cafe Basico” and meet the kind local tango-dancers. On Saturday followed by the Birthday's Milonga with Emilia & Benjamin's Show and our beloved international DJ"El Jaak" (Belgium) with amazing selection to inspirited us.
"El Jaak" played at the famous Tango Emotion Festival in Italy. He has been a regular DJ at the Antwerper Tango Festival for years and leads the popular Halfdiep Milonga in Belgium.


Looking forward to see you!
Emilia, Benjamin and Team.

Location: Cafe Basico

A place dedicated heart and soul to tango, with excellent facilities and a great polite team.

Café Basico,

Hüttenstr. 30,
57223 Kreuztal.



Volunteers tango lovers, who dedicate their heart and time to this project.


Dj El Jaak (Belgium)




Tango, Technique,
Milonga, Vals  &
Folklore Argentino



3 hours of repetition, free practice and asking questions



Coffee, cake and

tango to enjoy.



Friday Dj Klaus

Saturday Dj El Jaak 


“Practice creates masters”

Freitag 22.09. 

14:30 - 15:30 Registration  

15:30 - 17:00 Cafe Tango*

17:00 - 19:00 W01 Vals 

19:00 - 20:00 Relax - Freetime 

20:00 - 21:00 Dinner-Buffet

21:00 - 1:00 Milonga Cafe Basico


Samstag 23.09.

10:00 - 12:00 Breakfast-Buffet

12:00 - 14:00 W02 Tg Technique 

14:00 - 15:30 Cafe Tango*

15:30 - 17:30 W03 Tango 

17:30 - 19:00 Relax - Freetime 

19:00 - 20:00 Dinner-Buffet

20:00 - 21:00 W04 Folklore 

21:00 - Open End  Birthday's Emilia Milonga. DJ “El Jaak”- Show with Emilia & Benjamin. Inclusive cake and sparkling wine.


Sonntag 24.09.

10:00 - 12:00 Breakfast-Buffet

12:00 - 14:00 W05 Milonga 

14:00 - 15:30 Relax - Freetime  

15:30 - 18:30 Practica Guiada*
* inclusive Coffee, Tea and cake.

Workshop (W)

01 Vals: “Sacadas in the rhythm of the waltz”. Three styles: linear, circular and false sacada.

02 Tango Technique: “Variación ochos y ganchos”  The variation is a fast musical part that occurs in almost all tangos. Dancers must execute the steps with agility and sense of rhythm.


03 Tango: “ Dance figures in a confined space.”Dance figures, where it is possible to maintain the orientation of the upper body even with little space and be able to guide and follow effectively.


04 Folklore Argentino: “Chacarera y Zamba”. Two cheerful and romantic Argentine folk dances. They are fast to learn, strengthen the connection in the couple, the rhythm and the body coordination. Learning these dances has positive effects on learning tango.


05 Milonga: “Cadencia en la milonga”. Milonga steps and the difference between a fast tango and milonga dancing.

Emilia Andrada & Benjamin Galian

Emilia and Benjamin, from the north of Argentina, are known for their communicative & friendly teaching style. They have already been able to inspire students in different countries around the world with their tango pedagogy. In addition to tango, they are also trained in other dance styles such as Folklore Argentino, ballet and modern dance.

“Benjamin and Emilia are trained dancers whit very deep solid knowledge of the mechanics of the body. They have an amazing clinical eye to diagnose the weak spots in somebody’s dance, know what they ultimately stem from, how to correct them, how to get the particular student to understand and adopt the chance” -

Anna from Cambridge


Overnight at Cafe Basico

Cafe Basico has three accommodation options. Also a total of 14 toilets and 6 showers. In the train car: There are 5 cars with 3 compartments each. 14 sleeping/living compartments (2 people/compartment) and 1 kitchen compartment. Decorated in an old atmosphere. (Request more details of this hosting option via email)

In a mobile home or in a tent: for adventurers who like to be outside.

Accommodation in Cafe Basico

Cafe Basico offer three accommodation options. Also a total of 14 toilets and 6 showers.

Vintage Train Car: 5 kindly cars with 3 compartments each. 14 sleeping/living compartments (2 person/compartment) and 1 Tee-compartment. Decorated in an old atmosphere.
(Request more details of this hosting by email before to register)


Motorhome or tent: for adventurers who like fresh air.


Meals in Cafe Basico

Full board with homemade, healthy cuisine - preferably organic and regional products. The breakfast buffet with filter coffee, tea, milk, bread, fruit, cheese and more. Coffee & Cake will be offered during Cafe Tango and Practica Guiada. Dinners have a hot buffet with vegetarian option. Drinks-buffet is available throughout and includes water, filter coffee, tea, fruit and snacks.
The Cafe Basico is also equipped with a café and a drinks bar.
(drinks not included in the package, paid separately)

Offers - Pack

Choose the package to register (registration per person)

Full pack from Friday to Sunday

(5 W*, 2 CT*, 1 PG* & 2 Milonga), meals, drinks buffet  and

hosting on Fri. & Sat. in Vintage Train**

€ 350.00

hosting on Fri. & Sat. in motorhome

€ 340.00

hosting on Fri. & Sat. in tent           

€ 330.00

hosting in Cafe Basico not incluide

€ 320.00

Package 2 Days from Saturday to Sunday

(4 W*, 1 CT*, 1 PG* & 1 Milonga), meals, drinks buffet and

hosting on Sat. in motorhome

€ 280.00

hosting on Sat. in tent           

€ 270.00

hosting in Cafe Basico not incluide

€ 260.00

Package 1 Day - on Saturday

(3 W*, 1 CT* & 1 Milonga), meals, drinks buffet and

hosting on Sat. in motorhome***

€ 240.00

hosting on Sat. in tent***

€ 230.00

hosting in Cafe Basico not incluide

€ 210.00

Emilia's birthday Milonga on Saturday

€ 12.00

* W: workshop - CT: Cafe Tango - PG: Practica Guiada

** request more details of this hosting by email before to register

*** incl. Breakfast Buffet on Sunday


0176 72523825 (DE)

Whatsapp +44 7934050302 (UK)

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